Thursday, August 31, 2006

Your Daily... for Aug. 31, 2006

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Cordalene - Kissed Awake

Ripley's Comic for 31 Aug 2006

Chimp Paintings

This ad is from the 1963 Sunset House gift catalog and it's for real. This is possibly the greatest product and/or service ever offered in the history of mail order.

Secret Fun Blog

The Art of Matt Jones


A robot for your iPod

A new, $930 robot from Japan's ZMP Inc. called Miuro is designed around the Apple iPod. Built in partnership with audio giant Kenwood, it basically transforms an iPod -- which clips into the top of the robot -- into a remote-controlled BOOMBOX ON WHEELS, rolling around and blasting music.

THE RAW FEED: gadgets, games and geeks

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'Apprentice' figure Carolyn Kepcher axed

Entrepreneur Donald Trump, center, is flanked by his associates George Ross and Carolyn Kepcher  in this undated promotional photo released by NBC for the unscripted series 'The Apprentrice.' Kepcher, a co-star with Trump from the start of the series  in 2004 and a longtime employee of the Trump Organization, has been let go. (AP Photo/NBC, Kevin Gilbert/Blue)
"Mr. Trump wishes her the best," said Trump spokesman Jim Dowd, who confirmed she is no longer with the company. She had been chief operating officer of two of Trump's golf courses.Her leave-taking will have no impact on the upcoming sixth season of "The Apprentice," originating for the first time from Los Angeles, NBC said. Though production is completed, Kepcher was not part of the cast, which includes Trump children Ivanka and Donald Jr. It begins airing in January.

`Apprentice' figure Carolyn Kepcher axed - Yahoo! News

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"Simpsons" movie update

they expect the schedule to get more challenging as they go along, since the July release date is set in concrete while the amount of work is piled high.

TAG Blog: Mornings on "Simpsons"

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What's a Booger?

Mucus is the sticky, slimy stuff that's made inside your nose. If you're like lot of kids, you have another name for nose mucus: snot. Your nose makes about a cupful (about 237 milliliters) of snot every day.

What's a Booger?

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Your Daily... for Aug. 30, 2006

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Paul Duncan - Oil in the Fields

Ripley's Comic for 30 Aug 2006

Simpsons vs Star Trek

The Art and animation of Nick Cross

Nick Cross' Plog

Cart Sculpture

Dumped supermarket trolleys litter our rivers and canals. Now one artist is rescuing them... to create these incredible wire sculptures that celebrate our water wildlife...

Off-Topic: Trolley good show - metallic art.

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man selling Gilligan's original S.S. Minnow

The S.S. Minnow from the 1960s TV series Gilligan's Island is looking for a new owner.

If you want to own an icon of television history, George Schultz of Parksville, B.C. has a deal for you: the S.S. Minnow from the 1960s television series Gilligan's Island."There have been a couple of modifications, so it doesn't look exactly like the original," said Shultz, a boat broker who's selling the 36-foot Wheeler Express Cruiser for fellow Parksdale resident Scotty Taylor. "But it's still the original boat."There were four Minnows used on the sitcom, Shultz said, but three others were props. This is the one they used for taking shots out on the water, he said. | B.C. man selling Gilligan's original S.S. Minnow

CNN `Live From...' the Ladies Room

NEW YORK — Kyra Phillips, anchor of CNN's "Live From...," unwittingly upstaged President Bush's speech in New Orleans with on-the-air analysis of her husband and the marriage of her brother — all live from a CNN ladies room.Unaware that her wireless microphone was "live" during her break, Phillips could be heard overriding Bush's prepared address Tuesday as he was seen marking the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

Newsvine - CNN `Live From...' the Ladies Room

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Your Daily... for Aug. 29, 2006

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The Like Young - For Money or Love

Ripley's Comic for 29 Aug 2006


Search, collect and organizeyour favorite web videos.
You don't need to join Dabble to find videos using the search service, but once you have a membership in Dabble, you can start collecting and organizing your favorite videos.

Dabble | launchpad

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Saturday Morning TV Schedules of the 80s

Saturday Morning TV Schedules of the 80s

These are taken straight from his collection of TV Guides...

In The 80s - Saturday Morning TV Schedules of the 80s

If you're interested in viewing some of the intros here's a list of them at youTube

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The Art of Bill Robinson

Spiral Frog

SPoral Frog

SpiralFrog will be a secure environment where music lovers can satisfy their unyielding passion and thirst for music, entertainment, and information. Our site will be as multifaceted, smart, and current as the audience we hope to attract. An audience that we believe is the driving force behind the way music is created, discovered, and consumed today.Headquartered in New York City, the SpiralFrog website will debut in December 2006.

ABOUT US :: Spiral Frog

Pee! Diddy

YouTube - I Gotta Pee

I thought he got rid of the "P" because he said it was coming between him and his fans. Apparently now he wants us to be one with the pee.

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Monday, August 28, 2006

Your Daily... for Aug. 28, 2006

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Of Montreal

Ripley's Comic for 28 Aug 2006

Comic for 28 Aug 2006

Happy Jack Kirby Day

Jack Kirby

today would’ve been Jack Kirby’s 89th birthday

Blog@Newsarama » Happy Jack Kirby Day

The Art of Cory Godbey

Texan Foils Burglary In Britain Via Beatles Webcam

The man from Dallas was using a live camera link to look at Mathew Street, an area of Liverpool synonymous with the Beatles and home to the Cavern Club where the band regularly played.He saw intruders apparently breaking into a sports store and alerted local police.

Personal Tech Pipeline | Texan Foils Burglary In Britain Via Beatles Webcam

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Acoustic Levitation Chamber


A Polish man has a new tongue - made out of his buttocks.Jarislav Ernst, who underwent surgery at the Gliwice General Hospital, is delighted with his new fully functioning tongue.Doctor Stanislaw Poltorek said: "The new tongue is alive and well-supplied with blood, and the patient is doing well." Mr Ernst's original tongue was removed after it was found to be cancerous.Dr Poltorek added: "We removed the tumour-filled tongue and then collected skin, fat and nerve tissue from the man's buttocks and modelled that into a new tongue, which we sewed into his mouth."


Google Discloses Plans For Long-Awaited Office Suite

Google this week will launch Google Apps for Your Domain, a software bundle aimed at small and midsize companies. The free, ad-supported package combines Google's E-mail, calendar, and instant messaging with Web site creation software. It will be hosted in Google's data center, branded with customers' domain names, and packaged with management tools for IT pros.

In Depth: Google Discloses Plans For Long-Awaited Office Suite, First Components Due This Week - Software News by InformationWeek

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Your Daily... for Aug. 26, 2006

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Jeff Solomon

Ripley's Comic for 26 Aug 2006

Micky's pre-Monkee single, "Don't Do It."

Micky's pre-Monkee single, "Don't Do It." over at dartman's blog.

Dartman's World Of Wonder

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The Art of Ryan Woodard

Napoleon Dynamite Map of Preston Idaho

Napoleon Dynamite's Sweet Map of Preston Idaho

Napoleon Dynamite Map of Preston Idaho

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Easy, Cheap, Animated Cartoon in 10 Minutes

introEasy, Cheap, Animated Cartoon in 10 Minutes

This is a brilliant idea. Never even considered using the webcam as an animation camera in this way and the use of a dry erase board, genius!

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Elton John Wants to Make Hip-Hop Album

Elton John tells Rolling Stone magazine that he wants to record a hip-hop album with Grammy-winning producer Dr. Dre."I want to work with Pharrell, Timbaland, Snoop, Kanye, Eminem and just see what happens," John says in the Sept. 7 issue. "It may be a disaster, it could be fantastic, but you don't know until you try."

Newsvine - Elton John Wants to Make Hip-Hop Album

Beatboxen Bush

So, you wanna learn how to beatbox? GWB is back with another amazing performance. Surprisingly he is actually very good.

Beatboxen Bush - Google Video

Friday, August 25, 2006

Your Daily... for Aug. 25, 2006

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The Lucky Lucky Futons - Heartbeat

Ripley's Comic for 25 Aug 2006

The Art of Mike Roush

The Art of Mike Roush

Soap pointing device

Soap is a pointing device based on hardware found in a mouse, yet works in mid-air. Soap consists of an optical sensor device moving freely inside a hull made of fabric. As the user applies pressure from the outside, the optical sensor moves independent from the hull.

soap homepage

FairUse4WM strips Windows Media DRM!

Windows Media DRM can now be easily and quickly stripped from PlaysForSure media services. Now watch as Microsoft shuts down the forums and runs damage control in order to prevent an digital media entire platform from collapsing.

FairUse4WM strips Windows Media DRM! - Engadget

Pop idol spills beans with J-Lo baby news

In an otherwise innocuous interview, McCartney disclosed that he is dating actress Katie Cassidy, daughter of baby boomer teen idol David Cassidy. He then spilled that his gal pal has been cast as Lucy Ewing in the big-screen adaptation of the 1970/1980s TV soap "Dallas."Then Locke inquired, "Oh, so I bet your girlfriend can give us the scoop on why Jennifer Lopez was fired from the movie?" Without thinking, McCartney replied, "She didn't get fired. She's pregnant."Oops. J-Lo and hubby Marc Anthony haven't exactly made that news public yet.Locke reports that McCartney then looked nervously over at his female handler and quickly changed the subject.

Pop idol spills beans with J-Lo baby news | AccessAtlanta

Macy Knocks Costar Lohan's Lateness

William H. Macy Knocks Costar Lohan's Lateness | William H. Macy, Lindsay Lohan
"I worry about these young kids – 15, 18, 20 years old – who in the span of one year become millionaires and powerhouses. It's too much power for a kid that age to handle."

Macy Knocks Costar Lohan's Lateness | William H. Macy, Lindsay Lohan :

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Your Daily... for Aug. 23, 2006

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The Futureheads

Ripley's Comic for 23 Aug 2006

Online reading: Joy Buzzards three-page story

Online reading: Joy Buzzards three-page story

Mark Smith and Dan Hipp have posted a three-page, color Amazing Joy Buzzards story on their MySpace and blogs. Titled “The Fearless Vampire Hunters,” the short was created for Lo-Fi magazine, and is included in The Amazing Joy Buzzards Vol. 2 trade paperback.


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School and Ping-Pong


Video sent by maf138

An college artist gives his take on going to grad school through the metaphor of ping-pong

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Super Smash Flash

Cover of Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Super Smash Flash

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Woman Steals $2.3 Million to Gamble

RIVERHEAD, N.Y. — A former bookkeeper for a doctor's office pleaded guilty Wednesday to stealing more than $2.3 million from her employer to buy lottery tickets.Annie Donnelly, 38, of Farmingville spent as much as $6,000 a day playing lotto and scratch-off lottery games, prosecutors said. She faces four to 12 years in prison for stealing the money from her employers, Great South Bay Surgical Associates.

Newsvine - Woman Steals $2.3 Million to Gamble

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Bound Stems - Refuse the Refuse

Ripley's comic for Aug 22, 2005

Vintage "PARTY GAGS" kit

It was produced in 1959 by a Chicago outfit called Fishlove, which was a respectable novelty maker that offered favorites like Yakity-Yak chattering teeth, and a line of "giant" products such as sunglasses, combs, and toothbrushes. (A company called Fun Inc. bought them out and still offers some of their line.) This set was "coincidentally" released the same year that S.S. Adams put out a similar boxed assortment called the "Life of the Party" set.

see more at - Secret Fun Blog

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177 versions of Pac-Man


Like Pac-Man? Well heres a site that links to 177 versions of it.

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Astronaut Reveals Name of New Moonship

CAPE CANAVERAL, FLA. — The name of the new vehicle that NASA hopes will take astronauts back to the moon was supposed to be hush-hush until next week.But apparently U.S. astronaut Jeff Williams, floating 220 miles above Earth at the international space station, didn't get the memo.Williams let it slip Tuesday that the new vehicle's name is Orion.

Newsvine - Astronaut Reveals Name of New Moonship

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Monday, August 21, 2006

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