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A Comicbook Orange: Daily Elf; Super Farmboys; Sports Racers

Your Daily... June 23, 2007

Ripley's June 23

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The Brady Bunch mistakes, goofs and bloopers

Welcome to - the BEST place on the web for movies, bloopers, goofs and trivia.
Revealing: When the Brady kids are practicing for the talent show, instead of saying, "Come on, Pete," Marcia says, "Come on Chris," which is the actor playing Peter's real name (Chris Knight).

The Brady Bunch mistakes, goofs and bloopers

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Big Daddy (What Really Happened to the Band of '59?)

enjoy this great album from Big Daddy!Here's the track list:

1. I Write the Songs
2. Bette Davis Eyes
3. Super Freak
4. Star Wars
5. Whip It
6. Ebony and Ivory
7. You Don't Bring Me Flowers
8. Hit Me With Your Best Shot
9. The Rose
10. Just What I Needed
11. Hotel California
12. Eye of the Tiger

Go to the site below to download the album.

Way Out Junk: Big Daddy (What Really Happened to the Band of '59?)

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Circus circus! The art of potato farm girl

potato farm girl

potato farm girl: Circus circus!

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True or False

1) Crocodiles must eat every day to survive.
2) The largest crocodiles live in saltwater.
3) Crocodiles eat plants and animals.

Click the link to find the answers.

Kid Cartoonists » Blog Archive » True or False

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Dr. Feel-"Bad": Motley Crue Sues Manager for $20 Million

Claiming he manipulated drummer Tommy Lee and extorted the band, heavy metal icons Motley Crue this week in Los Angeles sued its manager Carl Stubner and his associates for more than $20 million for lost earnings and other damages. has obtained a copy of the lawsuit, which portrays Stubner as a virtual svengali who placed Lee in failing projects at the expense of Lee’s and the band’s reputation because Stubner profited from them.The band described a litany of lost tour and promotional opportunities it lost from 2005 to the present due to Stubner allegedly not making “Lee available on an exclusive basis” to the band for interviews, concert dates and recording sessions.

Dr. Feel-"Bad": Motley Crue Sues Manager for $20 Million | Ticket News

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'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' Singer Dies

NEW YORK — Hank Medress, whose vocals with the doo wop group the Tokens helped propel their irrepressible single "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" to the top of the charts and who produced hits with other groups, has died of lung cancer. He was 68.Medress died Monday at his Manhattan home, relatives said.He was a teenager at Brooklyn's Lincoln High School when he launched his vocal quartet in 1955 with Neil Sedaka, performing as the Linc-Tones. When Sedaka departed for a successful solo career, lead singer Jay Siegel joined brothers Mitch and Phil Margo and Medress to become the Tokens.

Newsvine - `The Lion Sleeps Tonight' Singer Dies

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Amarok 1.4.6 Released

Your very own Amarok team announces the immediate availability of the latest 1.4 series release, 1.4.6.So, what's new?
* Funky new icon set, featuring KDE4 Oxygen colors by Landy DeField; for 2.0 he will be working to ensure that Amarok has a complete Oxygen icon set.
* Default database backend is a lot faster due to a new SQLite version.
* A gigantic load of bug fixes, the main focus of this release.
* Introducing rockbox support for iPod. * Performance tuning.

Amarok 1.4.6 Released | Amarok - Rediscover your music

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In case you didn't know

Danger! Fire kills children
Safety Warnings

Fred Emmott's Web Site :: Blog

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