Thursday, March 01, 2007

F for Fake

Ripley's March 1

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A-Team Movie?

"The A-Team": Will Hollywood soon pity the fool? Top Cow's Silvestri — who holds claim to the TV show's movie rights — tells us that the underground mercenaries are still in the running for a potential big-screen franchise. "It's one of those situations where we've had more than a couple scripts written that just haven't nailed it yet," he said, promising "when the script comes in that everyone is happy with, then it'll be made."

MTV Movie News | Big-Screen News From NYC Comic-Con: Kevin Smith, 'Spirit' And More

A doodle by Vincent Waller

Incoherent Thought: Four Fellows

100 Year Old Man Kicks Teenage Gang's Ass with 'Kung Fu'

After a night at the pub, Buster Martin began to head home. On his way home Buster Martin showed that, even at 100, he still knew how to handle himself when he was confronted by the teenagers after a night at the pub.Whether it was the alcohol or nerves of steel, the World War II veteran scared his three attackers so much they fled empty-handed. - 100 Year Old Man Kicks Teenage Gang's Ass with 'Kung Fu'

Why do pilots say "roger" on the radio?

Pilots and other military types say “roger” to acknowledge receipt of a message or instructions. “Roger” at one time was the phonetic designation for the letter R, which in turn stood for “received.” Why not just say "received"? From a safety perspective, it makes sense to use standardized language, particularly when dealing with international operations. An American pilot may not understand German, but they both understand aviation terminology. The International Civil Aviation Organization oversees this standardization and disseminates it accordingly.

WORLD NEWS: Why do pilots say "roger" on the radio?

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