Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Your Daily... for July 25, 2006

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Ripley's Comic for 25 Jul 2006

All Consuming

All Consuming
It’s a website where you can track and talk about the books, music, movies, food and other items that interest you. You can mark a product one of three ways: I am consuming this, I have consumed this, and I intend to consume this.

Frequently Asked Questions on All Consuming

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Start a Story

Start a Story is a project that encourages creativity and collaboration. Through different projects I hope to get people involved in creating narratives. I'm interested in seeing how different people can bring their own unique insight, creativity and direction to a story.

Start A Story - About

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Cursor Kite

It's a kite that looks like a cursor!Quad-line control, asymmetrical framing, invisible stainless fittings, and opposed-bow tensioning for the sail make this incredible kite look digitally pasted right into the sky.

MAKE: Blog: Cursor Kite

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Researchers Create Drawings On Water Surface

water surface painting
Some clever fellas at Akishima Laboratories, in Japan, have come up with a way to “draw” words and pictures on the surface of water, using an enclosure surrounded by 50 wave generators.

OhGizmo! » Researchers Create Drawings On Water Surface

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Gotuit Media

Music, Sports, News & Movie Videos Online with Gotuit Media

NEW! Gotuit Media has just changed the way people watch video online. Gotuit.com is a broadband video portal that brings to today’s consumers the best TV experience on the Web featuring premium, branded video content in the categories of Music, News, Entertainment and Sports.

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Don’t feed the homeless, not in Vegas

In Las Vegas it is now illegal to feed the homeless. Up to six months of jail could be given to someone caught feeding the homeless. Homeless people do not look good in a city like Las Vegas where appearances bring comfort and comfort brings money from gamblers.


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