Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Let you PC recognize you with BiodeLogon

NecSoft, a NEC subsidiary, offers BiodeLogon, a new software to log on to Windows. There are several ways to access a PC, but image recognition is probably the easiest one for the end user. With the NecSoft software, you just have to show your pretty face to the webcam to access your computer. NecSoft made this system as simple as possible so it can work in different situations. However, I haven’t found any info yet on how to prevent a hacker from showing a photo in HD to the camera instead of the user’s real face…

Akihabaranews.com : Let you PC recognize you with BiodeLogon

Bridges linked to Marvel's 'Iron Man'

"We've been talking to Jeff for long time," Marvel's president of production Kevin Feige said. "He's excited about doing a movie like this, and we're excited to have him in this particular role. There are many facets to this character which I can't discuss, but looking at the spectrum of all of Jeff's roles, this fits in nicely with the man who played 'Starman,' 'Tucker,' 'Big Lebowski' with a little bit 'Tron' thrown in.

Bridges linked to Marvel's 'Iron Man'

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