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Your Daily... Feb. 8, 2007

The Apples in Stereo

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Ripley's Feb. 8

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Odeo Players Now in Google Reader

If you use the Blog This functionality from Odeo, to put an audio on your blog page, you'll be happy to know that the player you post will now show up in Google Reader for readers of your blog who, um, use Reader. Like this:

The Odeo Blog: Odeo Players Now in Google Reader

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a take-off on the I-Dog, a speaker that plugs into your music system and wags along to your tunes. Columbia Pictures' Spider-Man 3 hits theaters May 4.

Photo 7 | First Look! Toy Fair '07 | Photos |

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RATATOUILLE Rough Animation Test

RATATOUILLE Rough Animation Test: Emile's Magic Trick

YouTube - RATATOUILLE Rough Animation Test: Emile's Magic Trick

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Is 17 the "most random" number?

The idea is that 17 will always be the most common answer when people are asked to choose a number between 1 and 20. But neither Cosmic Variance nor Pharyngula offered a reasonable means of testing this proposition. That's where our poll came in. This morning, I took a look at our data, and with 347 responses, I can confirm that 17 is significantly more popular than any number.

Cognitive Daily: Is 17 the "most random" number?

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Ozzfest 2007 is Free

LOS ANGELES - The train may be “Crazy,” but at least it’s totally free. Demonic rocker Ozzy Osbourne anounced that sponsors will be expected to pick up the bill for Ozzfest 2007, leaving free access to all bat-biting fans no matter what their social strata.

Ringtone Ray’s Playground » Ozzfest 2007 is Free - College Kids Plan to Invest the Savings in Beer

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