Friday, May 18, 2007

120-inch wide touchscreen display

DAHAN T&S( presented its 120-inch wide touchscreen display 'T-VIEW'. The size and direction of its images can be controlled by fingers.

AVING USA - Global News Network

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Dog adopts tiger triplets

tiger triplets
A Chinese dog has become the surrogate mother of tiger triplets born at a zoo in the country's eastern Shandong province.The mongrel bitch called Huani is suckling the tiger cubs, imaginatively named One, Two and Three by staff at Jinan Paomaling Wild Animal World, because their mother rejected them shortly after birth 10 days ago.The zoo manager, Chen Yucai, said Huani is expected to nurse the tigers for about a month, or until their appetites outpace her milk supply.

Dog adopts tiger triplets | The Guardian | Guardian Unlimited

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