Friday, September 29, 2006

Your Daily... for Sept. 29, 2006

Joseph Arthur

Ripley's Comic Sept. 29


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FoxyTunes 2.0.2

FoxyTunes 2.0
Web searches - find lyrics, artist images, videos, bios and more, while listening to music with FoxyTunes. [see demo movie]# FoxyTunes Mini - now you can enjoy your music with FoxyTunes even when you're not in Firefox. It's the only music desktop widget with its own tabbed browser! Wink [see demo movie]. Currently, only supported on Windows.# Info Box - your music "dashboard". Shows song info, album art, recent history and more... [see demo movie]# Podcasts and Web media - quickly preview any podcast, stream any or all episodes to your player, and, if you like what you hear, subscribe. Find music on the Web pages you visit, and stream it to your media player with a click.

Download FoxyTunes 2.0.2

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Something looks... different.

So what's new? First, we've added some things you've been asking for, such as unread counts and "mark all as read." Folder-based navigation makes it easier to organize your subscriptions, and the new expanded view lets you quickly scan over several items at once. And we've made sharing much easier - with a single click of the "shared" icon, you can publish an interesting item on your public sharing page for your friends to see. So give the new Reader a try. We hope you like it!

Official Google Reader Blog: Something looks... different.

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Tony Stark will be played by Robert Downey, Jr.

Ain't It Cool News: The best in movie, TV, DVD, and comic book news.

"Aint It Cool News" is reporting that the lead role of Tony Stark in the upcoming Iron Man movie will be played by none other than Robert Downy, Jr. For those uninformed of the Iron Man mythos, Tony Stark is a rich and well-respected man who develops a substance abuse problem. Hmm...

And a word of advice for this film so it doesn't go down the path of all the other comic book films. DO NOT MAKE THE WHOLE MOVIE A FREAKIN' LOVE STORY!  

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The outfit was visualized, conceived, and conceptualized entirely by Nate, as were the claws. However, Nate did pick up quite a bit of help along the way as friends came forward to participate in the creation of what many said was "The most accurate costume I have ever seen..."


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