Thursday, April 05, 2007

Ripley's April 5

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Alphabet made of raw hamburger

Alphabet made of raw hamburger. Each character hand-shaped, packaged, and photographed individually.

Robert J. Bolesta

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UbuntuMagazine - Ubuntu Wiki
new free electronic Ubuntu magazine with the main focus on how-tos. A "beta version" of issue #0 is now available for download.

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Popouts, Buttons and Slideshows

If you use Firefox, you can run the gadget in your Firefox sidebar, so it stays open when you navigate from page to page in the main frame.

Google Talkabout: Popouts, Buttons and Slideshows

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Create Personalized Google Maps

Google launched My Maps, a new feature in Google Maps that lets you mark some places on the map and annotate them. Essentially, it's an easy way to create a KML file from Google Maps (until now, the feature was available in Google Earth). To create a map:* Select one or more places from the map.* Draw lines and polygons to highlight paths and areas.* Add descriptions by typing HTML code or using a rich text editor.* More in this user guide.

Google Operating System: Create Personalized Google Maps

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