Friday, June 15, 2007

The Official Peanuts Website FAQ

Q. Who is the girl "with the naturally curly hair"?
A. The girl "with the naturally curly hair" is known as Frieda.

Q. What about the Little Red-Haired Girl?

A. There are two different lines of thought about "the Little Red-Haired Girl."

1) If you purely follow the strip (which is the preferred interpretation of the story lines by most PEANUTS purists), the Little Red-Haired Girl is never given a name. Actually, she's never even seen in the strip.

2) The Little Red-Haired Girl did actually appear in one of the PEANUTS TV specials ("It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown," 1977), in which she was called "Heather." But in this instance, the creative decisions regarding her appearance were decided by the show's animators - not Mr. Schulz.

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Whole lot of useless yet interesting facts found here.

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