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New London Fire

Ripley's Feb. 21

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japanese spider man

YouTube - japanese spider man (toy commercial)


Hi kids! Welcome to the very first posting of the OFFICIAL FRIENDS OF DOOKIE-POO FAN CLUB BLARGH! Er…BLOG.


Kurt Cobain would have been 40 today

Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain would have been 40 today if he'd lived.

Guardian Unlimited: Arts blog - music: Smells like middle-aged spirit

Dell gives desktop Linux its "full attention"

Specifically, users wanted the top-three free Linuxes -- Ubuntu, Fedora, and openSUSE -- offered as selections for the Dell desktop. The Linux option was almost twice as popular as the next option. That next option was, by the way, to have OpenOffice pre-installed instead of Microsoft Works or a trial version of Microsoft Office.After that, the fourth most popular option was for Dell to offer a laptop with Linux pre-installed. The fifth on the list was, if Dell couldn't offer Linux pre-installed, was to start offering systems without any operating system.

Dell gives desktop Linux its "full attention"

Indiana Jones gets son

Indiana Jones gets son

Rumour is rife that Indiana Jones is to get an adult son in the next instalment of Indy’s adventures. Rumour has it that Indy’s son will be played by Shia La Beouf (Transformers)The rumour comes from website Ain’t it Cool News, and has based the rumour on a reliable anonymous source.The latest script for Indy 4 was drafted by David Koepp and is being kept under wraps, with Stephen Spielberg aiming to shoot later this year for a release in 2008.

Indiana Jones gets son on In Entertainment

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