Thursday, January 28, 2010

First full length movie made with Blender to premiere on February 18th?

Plumiferos to premiere on February 18th? | BlenderNation:
"the first feature-length movie in Blender – or in Open Source 3D in general.

The project seemed to have died a silent death about a year and a half ago. It now turns out though that a new team of people has finished the movie in secrecy and indications are that it’ll premiere on February 18th."

Monday, January 25, 2010

SoundUnwound - The editable music encyclopedia

SoundUnwound - The editable music encyclopedia: "SoundUnwound is the new editable music encyclopedia from IMDb and Amazon."

It's like with a few fun features like an editable library. But without the full length tracks which is a bit of a drawback for me. But still kinda fun.

Monday, January 18, 2010 - Get Feedback
"Send and receive anonymous questions, and learn more about people you find interesting by following their answers."

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Muziic - Free on-demand music, internet radio and more!

Muziic - Free on-demand music, internet radio and more! - The YouTube Media Player - YouTube Music

Muziic allows you to stream virtually any song or music video on-demand, tune in to hundreds of internet radio stations, and play music and video files from your computer - 100% free and legally. You can even build playlists combining YouTube videos, your local media files, and content from other cloud-based services. Muziic makes extensive use of the YouTube API, forming the web's first ever "YouTube for Music".

In recent years, YouTube has become a popular source for on-demand music and videos. Its free, community-driven approach make it an attractive service for music lovers around the globe.

The Muziic team observed that while YouTube has embraced the music world and signed licensing agreements with all four of the major labels, the YouTube end-user experience had not been optimized for a music fanatic.

And it has a Facebook app so you can just use it there instead of going to the site.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Seesmic Acquires

Seesmic Acquires
"Sometime in January you can expect updates to Seesmic’s Blackberry, Android, web, Windows and OSX (via Air) apps. Each will add advanced integration, supporting the ability to post to 50 social networks with a single update, special triggers to specify posting to specific social sites, and the option of using’s e-mail, SMS and chat functionality. currently boasts 200,000 updates a day from its 500,000 registered members. More than 100 applications already use the API for cross-posting purposes, and although Seesmic will assume full control of the platform, they’re committed to maintaining it and supporting the developer community."

Saturday, January 02, 2010

How To Download YouTube Video's In Ubuntu Without Addons, apps, terminal etc

"Go to the YouTube page of the video you want to download in Firefox

Let it load completely (be sure to select HQ/HD if you want best quality)

Do NOT close the browser OR the page
Open Nautilus and navigate to /tmp
Drag the file named 'Flash' (followed by letters and numbers) to your desktop and rename it.

That's it!

If you use Google Chrome you will find the .flv's inside your ~./cache/google-chrome/Media Cache folder."

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