Thursday, October 28, 2010

Penis Tattoo By Australian Artist Leads To Charges

Penis Tattoo By Australian Artist Leads To Charges:
"A 25-year-old Australian found himself the victim of the worst kind of prank -- one conducted by a tattoo artist with a particularly raunchy sense of humor.

Despite having requested some fairly harmless ink -- a yin-yang symbol and some dragons -- the man returned home to discover a 16-inch penis and an obscene, albeit misspelled, slogan 'implying that he was gay' inscribed on his back, the Ipswich Queensland Times reports."

Christopher Nolan’s Third Batman Film Will NOT Feature The Riddler

In an interview published minutes ago, director Christopher Nolan revealed that the title of the third Batman film will be The Dark Knight Rises. He also gave scant details about the plot and direction of the third film. Hit the jump to find out what (little) we know.

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