Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Your Daily... for Oct. 31, 2006

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Tom Waits - Road to Peace

Ripley's Oct. 31



John Ciardi "What Night Would It Be?"

a recording of Ciardi reading that very poem with his young son John. It comes excerpted from the album version of "You Read to Me, I'll Read to You" which was released by Spoken Arts back in 1962, and to complete the experience the perfectly creepy Edward Gorey art is bundled up with the zip file in a variety of sizes.

Scar Stuff: John Ciardi "What Night Would It Be?"

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Tenacious D "Classico" Video

Tenacious D "Classico" Video


View the new Tenacious D video. Directed by John K

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Instant FM Music

Ever listen to the radio and wonder what the name of the song is? Who is the artist? What year was it released? Instant FM Music helps you answer all of those questions! Just plug Instant FM Music into your USB Port, tune to your favorite local FM or Web Radio stations and watch as Instant FM Music & the included software not only record the station's entire playlist, but also separate and identify the songs for easy playback.

Instant FM Music

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L.A. Confidential' Sequel Gets Green Light

HOLLYWOOD - Narc director Joe Carnahan will direct an adaptation of James Ellroy's sequel to L.A. Confidential.The film, called White Jazz, will begin shooting next November.

'L.A. Confidential' Sequel Gets Green Light :: Hollywood.com

Monday, October 30, 2006

Your Daily... for Oct. 30, 2006

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The Shins - Those Bold City Girls

Ripley's Oct. 30


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Hokey Pokey Smokey Show - Episode 4

Audio Image
The last of our Halloween themed episodes for the season.

Todays story is called “Three Skeleton Key” starring Vincent Price from 1958

In this story, three men worked the light at a lonely lighthouse on a barren rock. One day a derelict ship, filled with huge, starving rats, crashes on the dangerous rocks and heads towards the lighthouse.

Odeo: Hokey Pokey Smokey Show - Three Skeleton Key

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Jack Black and The Green Lantern is a no go.

He admits that there was a script written for him, but, the fans had not reacted favorably to the idea of him playing the hero. So, as of now, it’s not something that is moving forward. Can you say big sigh of relief for the fans?

IESB.net - Independent Entertainment News - Exclusive Video: Jack Black and The Green Lantern

Protein, Nesfetin-1, Found In Rat Brain Curbs Hunger Pangs

A new study in rats shows a molecule in the brain linked to inducing the sensation of "fullness" could help fight obesity. When the molecule was injected into rat-brains, the rats ate less and lost weight.

All Headline News - Protein, Nesfetin-1, Found In Rat Brain Curbs Hunger Pangs - October 30, 2006

The Art of Rex Hackelberg

robotic exoskeleton that would let GIs run faster

The engine, and a tank containing a 24-hour supply of fuel, will be slung “beneath your rear end”, says Main. The engine (a turbine, two-stroke or four stroke - they haven’t decided yet) will then drive hydraulic fluid via high pressure lines to servo valves on each joint, amplifying the force used to move each limb when the wearer’s motion is sensed.Main tried it out himself recently. “It makes you feel really, really strong. You get the sensation that you have a lot of strength. I sort of felt like The Hulk and I’m a skinny guy. I wore a 100-pound weight on my back and it felt I was carrying nothing like that amount,” he says. And he was only wearing the lower body - the legs and back support section.

New Scientist Technology Blog: Exoskeleton update

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Fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000 rejoice!

Three of MST3K's writer/characters — Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy — have started a new venture: The Film Crew. The Film Crew has been entrusted with a very important mission: providing commentary tracks for every movie that doesn't have one. Typically, they've chosen to start at the bottom of the barrel, and now you get to vote on which B-movie will get the Film Crew treatment on DVD first.

The Film Crew Online

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Friday, October 27, 2006

Your Daily... for Oct. 27, 2006

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Spike Priggen - Hideaway

Ripley's Oct. 27


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Patton Oswalt stories

on his Myspace blog comedian/actor/comics writer Patton Oswalt has been recommending a horror story a day since the beginning of October. Calling it 31 HORROR STORIES


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The Art of Ben Lane

Art droppings: Smooky Ghost Story

Ben Lane is an animator for the simpsons and this link features an animated short he did told by his son.

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Skype founders plan to launch Web TV service

The founders of file-swapping service KaZaA and Internet calling program Skype plan to launch advertising-supported Internet television shortly, Skype co-founder Janus Friis told a Danish newspaper.The project, code-named Venice, will bring quality TV programmes for free to consumers who have a broadband Internet connection,

Skype founders plan to launch Web TV service: paper - Yahoo! News

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Her moonwalk - I'm Jax kids' ma, wacko sez

A London mental patient has filed a bizarre lawsuit claiming that she is the real mother of Michael Jackson's three kids.Nona Jackson, 36, filed suit to demand a say in Jackson's custody agreement with his ex-wife, Debbie Rowe.In court papers she filed without a lawyer, Nona Jackson claims she is the biological mom of Prince Michael, 9, Paris, 8, and Prince Michael 2nd, 4.Though she does not explain how she and the pop star met, Nona Jackson claims that she has "been with him since he was a teenager." She said Michael Jackson wanted to keep their relationship secret.

New York Daily News - Daily Dish & Gossip - Her moonwalk - I'm Jax kids' ma, wacko sez

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NBC Refuses Ads for Dixie Chicks Movie

NBC and The CW Television Network have taken a stand against the Dixie’s Chicks new documentary “Shut Up & Sing” a behind-the-scenes look at the incredible political and media fallout that occurred in 2003 after the Dixie Chicks lead singer Natalie Maines said that she was “ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas.” “Shut Up & Sing” opens in theaters in NY and Los Angeles on Friday and in theaters nationwide on November 10th.NBC responded to a clearance report submitted by the Weinstein Company’s media agency saying that the network “cannot accept these spots as they are disparaging to President Bush.”The CW Television Network responded that it does “not have appropriate programming in which to schedule this spot.”

Free Press : NBC Refuses Ads for Dixie Chicks Movie

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Black Sabbath members to form new band

The Black Sabbath boys are back as new band Heaven and Hel,l but without Ozzy Osbourne, it was announced in the US.Guitarist Tony Iommi, bassist Geezer Butler, drummer Bill Ward and singer Ronnie James Dio, former members of supergroup Black Sabbath, are forming the band named after their 1980 hit, according to their publicist in Los Angeles.

IOL: Black Sabbath members to form new band

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The art of Nate Wragg

Nate Wragg`

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006



retroCRUSH: The World's Greatest Pop Culture Site

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The art of Gary Taxali

La Luz de Jesus Gallery

Coins Don't Smell, You Do

In an experiment, seven test subjects reported smelling the metallic odor after their hands came into contact with iron. Researchers took gas samples from the subjects' skins and traced the smell to 1-octen-2-one, an organic molecule formed when certain oils in skin decompose.Scientists think it works like this: When touching objects made of iron, perspiration from skin causes the iron atoms to gain two electrons. The doubly negative iron atoms react with oil in skin, causing them to decompose, forming 1-octen-2-one.

LiveScience.com - Coins Don't Smell, You Do

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Streisand Goes To The Dogs

As she travels the U.S. on tour, Barbra Streisand is so security conscious that she requires a police K-9 team to sweep arenas before she performs, according to the singer's concert rider.

The Smoking Gun: Streisand Goes To The Dogs - October 24, 2006

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Your Daily... for Oct. 24, 2006

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Koop - Come to Me


Ripley's Oct. 24



Hokey Pokey Smokey Show Oct. 24, 2006

Audio Image

Another Halloween themed episode.

Both dealing with haunted houses. But, one is real and one is just a story.

Odeo: Hokey Pokey Smokey Show Oct. 24, 2006

Tree art

wwdetail_0.jpgUsing only the wind as her guide, this tree’s drawings are part of an elaborate art project supervised by Tim Knowles. Ignore all the haughty high art nonsense and check out the cool pictures here.

Drawn! The Illustration and Cartooning Blog » Blog Archive » Tree art

How To Properly Mic An Esophagus (video)

It shows a German musician / DJ at a dance who gets a Shure SM58 microphone thrust down his gullet by a dancer who bumps into a poorly placed microphone stand. After the microphone gets lodged in our hero's throat, the mic is still hooked up, and you can hear the poor guy's retching and gagging amplified through his PA setup.

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Step by Step...

Alan and Manny explain their drawing process on the frederater blog

Frederator Studios Blog

Action Helmet Camera

ATC2K works seamlessly with most video editing software. Expandable up to 2GB, with a built-in SD card slot, ATC2K mounts easily on helmets, bikes, race cars, dirt bikes and more. Wipeouts in a white out? No worries, ATC2K is water-resistant. Play hard, record everything!

Oregon Scientific | U.S. | Product | AT18 | ATC-2000 Action Helmet Camera

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Why does orange juice taste so bad after brushing your teeth?

"It's because of a certain ingredient in toothpaste called sodium laurel sulfate. It actually blocks sweet sensors. All the other taste bud cells in your mouth are firing away nicely, but the receptors which pick up the sweet sensors are not working anymore. Not only does it block the sweet sensors, it enhances the sour and bitter, so you get this massive influx of sour and bitter taste coming through the mouth."

Why does orange juice taste so bad after brushing your teeth? :: ABC Gold & Tweed Coasts

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Your own search engine has landed!

Today we are launching the Google Custom Search Engine. As you might imagine, it's a simple and straightforward product to use and understand. In a matter of minutes you can create a search engine that reflects your knowledge and interests; looks and feels like your own; and, if you choose, you can make money from the traffic you receive through Google's AdSense program. You can even invite your friends and trusted community members to add to and help build your search engine.

Official Google Blog: Eureka! Your own search engine has landed!

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Your Daily... for Oct. 23, 2006

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The Crabapples - London Belongs To Me

Ripley's Oct. 23


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Microsoft to finance 'Halo' movie

REDMOND, Wash., Oct. 21 (UPI) -- Microsoft Corp. plans to finance a movie based on its popular video game "Halo" after Universal Pictures and 20th Century Fox backed out of the project.

United Press International - NewsTrack - Microsoft to finance 'Halo' movie

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More halloween themed art challenges


Grim Reaper by Barry Fitzgerald

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Skype video for Mac

Skype for Mac 2.0 goes gold today, which means that we’ve tested it, you’ve tested it and we all agree that it does a pretty good job. Download it now and video call your friends, family, colleagues or anyone else you’d like to see face to face. Remember not only does it work with other Mac users but it also works with Windows users too. That means even more people for you to video call with.

Video goes gold - Skype for Mac

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Automatic Photo Pop-up

Our system automatically constructs simple "pop-up" 3D models, like those one would find in a children's book, out of a single outdoor image. The system labels each region of an outdoor image as ground, vertical, or sky. Line segments fitted to the ground-vertical boundary in the image and an estimate of the horizon's position provide the necessary information to determine where to "cut" and "fold" in the image. The model is then popped up, and the image is texture mapped onto the model.

Automatic Photo Pop-up

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Google unveils election mashup

The Google Earth 2006 election resource tool, unveiled early Monday, indicates the country's 436 congressional districts with stars on the popular 3D map of the country. Clicking on a star pops open a bubble window that has information on the candidates in that race.googlelectThe window also includes links to news, images and Web search results on candidates, as well as to information on where and how to vote and campaign finance reform.

Google unveils election mashup | CNET News.com

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Paris Hilton’s version of ‘Spamalot’

Paris Hilton’s “friends” are getting spammed.Several furious sources who are on the list of the heiress’ friends via her MySpace account say they received emails supposedly from Hilton telling them that they’d won an expense-paid trip to meet her. When the “friends” clicked on the e-mail, they were taken to another screen, telling them, “Hurry! Only twenty prizes left.”They were then forwarded to a series of pop-up messages and questionnaires asking them to buy products and requesting them to supply personal information.

Paris Hilton’s version of ‘Spamalot’ - Gossip: The Scoop - MSNBC.com

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Friday, October 20, 2006

Your Daily... for Oct. 20, 2006

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The Essex Green - Snakes in the grass


Ripley's Oct. 20



Zappa's Down at Fraggle Rock

Ahmet Zappa's gonna help us dance our cares away.The musician and children's author has signed on to turn the '80s-era muppet-fest Fraggle Rock into a live-action feature film.

News Article

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Hostess flavored lip balm

Lip Service

Bubblegumfink: Lip Service

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Action Jackson

Action Jackson - 70's action figure toy commercials

YouTube - Action Jackson - 70's action figure toy commercials


Wide Awake 666
This October you’re in for a real treat! Prepare to savor every gooey drop of this deranged collection of drawings, comics and stories from some of your favorite indie artists like Jeaux Janovsky. Wide Awake is a horror-inspired comic anthology sure to chill you to the bone (well, maybe the funny bone).

WIDE AWAKE PRESS - Comic Publisher Greenville South Carolina

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Voltage Self-Illuminating Hair Gel

A patented process takes ordinary hair color and makes it extraordinary, by adding self-illuminating glow! Voltage does not rely on UV, neon or black lights to create glow. Instead, it produces its own light! Tiny, microscopic particles in the gel come together in the mixing process to produce a bright colorful glow that can be seen in partial light and in the dark for at least 6-8 hours (technically, this incredible effect lasts more than 24 hours at a diminishing glow). The glow is bright enough to even use in lieu of a flashlight to go through a campground at night!

Voltage Self-Illuminating Hair Gel

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Studios pull out of Halo film

Fox and Universal reached an agreement whereby they would team up to fund and distribute the movie - but just ahead of a key October 15th milestone date, the studios approached executive producers Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh demanding that their deals should be improved. Jackson and Walsh refused, and now Fox and Universal have pulled out, leaving the Halo movie without funding or a distribution deal.

News - Studios pull out of Halo film // Xbox 360 /// Eurogamer

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Your Daily... for Oct. 19, 2006

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The Curtains - Calamity


Ripley's Oct 19


Yogi Bear and the Three Stooges Meet the Mad, Mad, Mad, Dr. No-No

It seems there's a problem with Yogi Bear (the park's number one tourist attraction) continually escaping from Jellystone Park, so the Rangers bring in three of their best men from Washington to make sure Yogi stays put.

Way Out Junk: Yogi Bear and the Three Stooges Meet the Mad, Mad, Mad, Dr. No-No

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BlueSky Studios Challenge: Classic Movie Monsters

Join the BSS Blog - Spooky monster drawing Challenge.
They invite you to submit you artwork of classic movie monsters.

BlueSky Studios Challenge: Classic Movie Monsters

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Myspace.com for sale on eBay

муѕрасе.com is an IDN Domain. (Internationalized domain name) [see below]Current dominant Microsoft browser, Internet Explore 6, doesn't support IDN domains. The new release, however, ie7, will have full support for IDN’s, which means anyone can use муѕрасе.com .*

eBay: MySpace.com IDN Domain Name (item 320039726646 end time Oct-28-06 19:59:37 PDT)

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Info for a lost USB Drive

The script was relatively simple and just provided instructions for how to get the USB drive back to me along with an incentive.

Daily Cup of Tech » Have Your Lost USB Drive Ask For Help

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Flash Player 9 Beta Available for Linux

Flash Player 9 Update includes all of the features from the release versions of Flash Player 9 ( and for supported platforms. In addition to bug fixes and minor enhancements, this release introduces support for full screen mode in the web player and support for Windows Vista. These release notes document known issues related to the beta versions of Flash Player 9 Update.

Adobe Labs - Flash Player 9 Update Beta Release Notes

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Three months after Madonna launched her tracksuit in three colors, bountiful stocks of the girl's materials hang on the massive retailer's racks
Madonna's contribution "is just a tracksuit that we had designed," H&M's U.S. spokesperson said.
H&M doesn't have any plans to work with Madge in the future, and they've been giving away Madgewear for free over at the H&M MySpace page.

Fresh Intelligence : Radar Online

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Visa decides what you can do with your money.

AllofMP3 a consumer favorite among music download sites, but the site —
which claims to operate legally under Russian copyright law — faces
ongoing legal battles with the music industry and harsh criticism from
the United States government.

Tuesday, the credit card company Visa International said that it had suspended card service to the site, citing concerns over copyright issues.

Moscow Music Site Defends Free Downloads - New York Times

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