Monday, September 04, 2006

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Trainwreck Riders

Ripley's Comic for 04 Sep 2006

Comic for 04 Sep 2006

The Bionic Woman

YouTube - The Bionic Woman - "The Return of Bigfoot" Part Two

The Art of Kyle McQueen

Tooth Tunes

Scientists have invented a remarkable toothbrush that lets you listen to pop songs while you scrub away - by transmitting the sound waves through your teeth and jawbone to your ear.

I'm a punk toothbrush ... you're a blues toothbrush | the Daily Mail

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"Crocodile Hunter" Irwin dies

"Crocodile Hunter" Irwin dies (Reuters)

Steve Irwin in an undated publicity photo. Irwin, the Australian naturalist who won worldwide acclaim, has died in a marine accident off Australia's northeast coast. (MGM/Greg Barrett/Handout/Reuters)Reuters - Steve Irwin, the quirky Australian naturalist who won worldwide acclaim as TV's khaki-clad "Crocodile Hunter," was killed by a stingray barb through the heart while filming a new documentary on Monday.

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