Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kids can play with anything, if it's Play-Doh

Kids can play with anything, if it's Play-Doh:


"Kids shouldn't play with razor blades, matches, chainsaws, cleavers or pills. Unless, of course, they're made of Play-Doh. The eye-catching ads are from Singapore, which needs better broadband access if Play-Doh's still a viable time-waster there. Compare and contrast these ads with the German campaign for Becks modeling clay, which, as we all know, played the social-issues card and made the world a better place. The Play-Doh tagline: 'Safe no matter what you make.' The stuff's even non-toxic, though if kids do eat it, what they'll eventually make won't be appealing. Via Ugly Doggy. "

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