Monday, November 27, 2006

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Ripley's Nov. 27


A member of the Mego Museum forums has posted his set of nine 8-inch Live Action SuperHeroes as Mego might have done them...

Mego Talk: The Official forum for the Mego Museum - THE WAIT IS OVER!  BUSTIN' OUT OF YOUR TV...

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The Art of Gene Blakefield

Gene Blakefield

inner thinkings of an idjit

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Bruce Lee park to be built

A Bruce Lee-themed park with a statue and memorial hall will be built at the late Hong Kong action star's southern Chinese ancestral home of Shunde, the president of his fan club said Monday.The park will also contain a martial arts academy and conference center, Wong Yiu-keung, chairman of the Hong Kong-based Bruce Lee Club, told The Associated Press.

Bruce Lee park to be built in star's ancestral home in southern

Invention: Body-wired headphones

The new system uses the listener's body as a capacitor that carries a tiny electrostatic charge. A music or video player sends a fluctuating signal to a conductive cloth pad – such as a wrist band – and this slightly charges the wearer's body. A pair of conductive ear pads in the headphones pick-up the signal and rapidly convert it back into sound.

Newsvine - Invention: Body-wired headphones

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