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The Subways - Rock and Roll Queen

Ripley's Nov. 7

Macy's parade makes key substitutions

Charlie Brown
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York will not feature Charlie Brown and Kermit the Frog this year.While the inflatable images of the two children's characters will be notably absent from the 2006 version of the traditional event, this year will offer some new gigantic faces -- the Energizer Bunny, Flying Ace Snoopy and the Pikachu character from Pokemon, said the New York Daily News.

United Press International - NewsTrack - Macy's parade makes key substitutions

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The Art of Mordicai Gerstein

Book Jacket
Along with writing and illustrating books for children, Mordicai Gerstein is a painter, sculptor, and prize-winning designer and director of animated films.Born in Los Angeles, Gerstein attended the Chouinard Institute of Art before moving to New York City where he lived and worked for twenty-five years making animated films for television.

mordicai Gerstein Biography

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The Z Machine

The Z uses a short burst of intense electricity – only a few 10 billionths of a second long – that forces an ionized gas to implode. The process is called a z-pinch because the pulse creates a magnetic field that squeezes particles in the vertical direction, which math books usually label as the "z-axis."

LiveScience.com - The Z Machine

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White House Caught Doctoring Mission Accomplished Video

Apparently the Bush administration has taken the Winston Churchill quote "History is written by the victors" into the video age. The official White House website is now sporting a very different version of President Bush's "Mission Accomplished" speech. In this exclusive video, Inside Minnesota Politics' Mike McIntee shows how the "Mission Accomplished" banner on the USS Abraham Lincoln has apparently been crudely cropped out of the video.

White House Caught Doctoring Mission Accomplished Video

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