Monday, June 12, 2006

for June 12 (part 1)

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This is in two parts, because the recording froze up again. But this time we caught it and finished the rest of the show in part two. You lucky people you.

for June 12 (part 2)

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GROW YOUR OWN GRASS FURNITURE: "Here’s a great spring project to get you ready for those up-coming summer barbeques"

And So It Begins: March 10, 1962

And So It Begins: March 10, 1962: "

The Beverly Hillbillies shot to #1 in the ratings in a mere three weeks. That was unprecedented; even I Love Lucy - at a time when there were fewer sets and fewer choices - took three months just to get to #2. To complicate matters, most serious critics hated this show. Renowned author (and then-critic for TV Guide) Gilbert Seldes practically found himself apologizing for liking it: 'The whole notion on which The Beverly Hillbillies is founded is an encouragement to ignorance -

M. Ward: “Right In The Head”

M. Ward: “Right In The Head”: "

Comic for 12 Jun 2006

Comic for 12 Jun 2006

Daily Downloads

Daily Downloads: "Cass McCombs: 2005, October, Chicago (zipped) [mp3]

David Thomas Broughton: one downloadable and several streaming tracks [mp3]

Mountain Goats: 1996-09-12, Denton [mp3]

Mt. Egypt: several tracks (click 'music') [mp3]

'St. Augustine's Rd.' from Perspectives [mp3]

PAS/CAL: 'Oh Honey, We're Ridiculous' [mp3]
PAS/CAL: 'The Glorious Ballad of the Ignored' [mp3]

Peachcake: several tracks [mp3]

The Picture: several tracks [mp3]

'Rise' [mp3]

Simon Dawes: 'The Awful Things' [mp3] from What No One Hears

Various Artists: tracks from Reverb Records [mp3]

Tenspeedracer: 'Ballad of a Greedy Man' [mp3]

Area Man Has No Idea Where To Get Envelope

Area Man Has No Idea Where To Get Envelope

TV Heroes

TV Heroes: "
Getcherself a Pdf download of this swell Super TV Heroes comic featuring the super spectacular Herculoids and more! (at Senses Working Overtime) 1-2-3-4-5....."

Swiss Army Knife MP3 player

Swiss Army Knife MP3 player: "Well, guess what, the little Swiss Army Knife is “old school” no more. This new version has got a flash based MP3 player built in and a USB drive."

The Ongoing Story Of De Novo Dahl

The Ongoing Story Of De Novo Dahl: "

MP3: De Novo Dahl - Shout
MP3: De Novo Dahl - Subject of the Kill
MP3: De Novo Dahl - Market Place

Monday Morning Blow-Up

Monday Morning Blow-Up: "

We're starting a 'Nice Place to Visit' week here at ReFrederator — five films all about localities you're only likely to run into in old time cartoons. How are we doin'?

A Ring Tone That Adults Cannot Hear (with MP3)

A Ring Tone That Adults Cannot Hear (with MP3): "In that old battle of the wills between young people and their keepers, the young have found a new weapon that could change the balance of power on the cellphone front: a ring tone that many adults cannot hear."

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