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Nicole Atkins

Ripley's Jan. 24

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Amazing Hand Painting Art

Fresh Pics: Amazing Hand Painting Art

Internet Chucks ".um"

The list of Internet domain names just got shorter.The Internet's key oversight agency decided recently to yank ".um" — for U.S. "minor outlying islands."No one was using it anyhow, and the organization that has run ".um" — the University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute — no longer wanted to bother.So the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers decided unanimously last week to eliminate it entirely, bringing the list of domains to 264. There are still separate domains for larger U.S. territories, including ".gu" for Guam and ".vi" for the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Newsvine - Internet Chucks ".um" for U.S. Isles

Animated Tom Bosley Father Gets Home This Summer!

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2 years before Tom Bosley became the all-American dad from the '50s in Happy Days (and don't forget that the second season of that finally comes to DVD this April!), he was cast as a voice actor in the title role of the animated series Wait Till Your Father Gets Home. This Hanna- Barbera produced show was aired on CBS each Thursday night at 8:30 Eastern time.Harry Boyle was a typcial dad of the era in this 1972 primetime 'toon, and his wife Irma (Joan Gerber, who among her MANY voice roles was "Freddie the Flute" on H.R. Pufnstuf) kept the kids in line mostly by threatening with their dad's eventual arrival home from his job as the owner of a restaurant supply company. The older kids consisted of Chet (old enough to be out of school, but he's unemployed, living at home, and thought of as a hippie) and Alice (a liberal young lady, overweight, who often clashes with her archly conservative dad).

Wait Till Your Father Gets Home - Wait Is Over: Animated Tom Bosley Father Gets Home This Summer!

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