Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Quite Possibly The Best Home Movie Ever

Even on a modern editing system, this would be a very complex project. Sid had something better at his disposal than a computer, a tape recorder, or a 16mm camera... He had his wits.MultiframeThe rewards for "Multiple Sidosis" stretch beyond scholarly infamy, and it's more than just a cult oddity. In 2000 the film was selected by the Library of Congress for preservation as being culturally significant (the same year as "Apocalypse Now" & "Shaft"). Better still - Sid can enjoy his notoriety in person. He just celebrated his 100th birthday, and he's still creating films.
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60's bands Inspired By Batman the TV series

In 1966, it was a regular occurrence for a rock or pop star to make a guest appearance on the popular (and even forgotten) television series’ of the day (check out our Cameos section for further proof). Batman was no exception, and through the course of its three-year run, the program featured such disparate musical acts as Liberace, Leslie Gore, Chad & Jeremy, Johnny & The Greenmen, and the great Paul Revere & The Raiders. On the contrary, the popular (and even forgotten!) musical acts of the day tried to capitalize on the show’s meteoric success by recording songs inspired by the program, whether they be parodies, tributes, or ditties aimed at a young audience.
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