Thursday, July 13, 2006

Your Daily... for July 13, 2006

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SUPER SYSTEM - White Light

Ripley's Comic for 13 Jul 2006

System of a Down drummer to launch comics site

“I am a big comic-book fan and always have been,” he said. “It’s sort of my second passion, next to drumming. So when I discovered we were going to be taking some time off, I thought, ‘What would be better [for me] to do than form this company?’ I just thought it would be fun.” Torpedo Comics

Blog@Newsarama » System of a Down drummer to launch comics site

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Pink Floyd "The Scarecrow"

the art of glen keane

the art of glen keane

Check out the work and sketches of this great disney artist.

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The Boom Bag

The Boom Bag is an ideal option for anyone wanting a stylish alternative to those bulky iPod speaker docks.

TechEBlog » The Boom Bag

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