Friday, May 08, 2009

Design You're own Socks!

To enter the "design a sock" contest:
1. Save the design template on the left
2. Design anything you want on the sock using an image editing program. (Photoshop, Paint, Corel Draw, etc.)
3. E-mail and attach the image
Sock It To Me Socks -- Design a Sock!
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The Best in Face-Mask Fashion -- Surviving the Outbreak in Style
we think that it's nigh time for you to get ready for the "snoutbreak" by picking up a surgical face mask. But you don't want just any face mask. You need something to stand out from the plague-infested crowds.
The Best in Face-Mask Fashion -- Surviving the Outbreak in Style - Asylum | Men's Lifestyle | Humor, weird news, sex tips, fashion, dating, food and gadgets
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Yuuguu - Online Presentations, Remote Teams - Completely Cross Platform

Yuuguu is a screen sharing and instant messaging service
Download Yuuguu and show what's on your screen using screen sharing. Your viewers only need a web browser to watch, chat using instant messages and even make changes by allowing remote control of your computer - if you want them to. Speak to the group using our low cost voice conferencing - clearly to your viewers speakerphones.
Yuuguu for Online Meetings, Online Presentations, Remote Teams and Remote Support
I know there are tons of services like these but this the first I've seen that works Completely Cross Platform
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