Sunday, July 19, 2009

Woman changes name to

Woman changes name to - UK, News - The Independent:
"A woman from Manchester has become the first person to change her name by Deed Poll to a web domain, according to the Legal Deed Service.

Twenty-four-year-old Claire Forshaw changed her name to earlier this week. She had previously been put off changing her name by her boyfriend, 23-year-old Robert Morris, who had tried to dissuade her by claiming it would cost hundreds of pounds.

“I knew that if ever I got the chance I would change [my name] to a web domain, to hopefully become the first. My boyfriend has always told me it cost hundreds of pounds to do, so I just forgot about it,” she told press, adding:

“When I realised it actually cost as little as £10 my boyfriend said that was ideal for me because I am mad on rainbows!”"

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