Sunday, October 18, 2009

Google Docs, Slowly Morphing into Google Drive

Google Docs, Slowly Morphing into Google Drive:

"The new interface of Google Docs, which is slowly rolled out to all users, brings the service one step closer to an online storage service. The 'items by type' menu replaced 'PDFs' with 'Files', suggesting that Google Docs will allow users to upload any type of files.

It will be interesting to see how Google Drive integrates with other Google services that store files (Gmail, Picasa Web Albums, YouTube) and to find the free quota limits.

Tony Ruscoe found in January an internal Google document about Cosmo, described as an upgrade from GDrive, a service that was only available to Google's employees. 'We're in the process of migrating all Google Doc accounts to Cosmo,' mentioned the document.

Update: Kevin Mohr found an interesting image referenced in Google Docs' code: . It's a folder icon that includes Google Chrome's logo, so it could be related to Google Chrome OS, a browser-centric operating system that will probably use Google Drive to store files online. There's also an icon for videos which suggests that videos will be uploaded to YouTube."

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