Saturday, June 24, 2006

Your Daily... for June 24, 2006

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Elvis Costello and the Attractions - OPPORTUNITY


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Ripley's Comic for 24 Jun 2006

Jay Stephen's presents...The Cryptids

Jay Stephen's, animated monster action 60's style kids cartoon "The Cryptids" was picked up over at Cartoon Network for development

Monster Shindig: Jay Stephen's presents...The Cryptids

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"When and where I'll be there" By Dean Haspiel

ACT-I-VATE - When and where I'll be there

One of my favorite comic artists Dean Haspiel, posted a rarely seen short story he did from 1999 on the act-i-vate blog.

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La Linea

TV5 - La Linea

Osvaldo Cavandoli et sa créature en grande conversation

Here's a link to 50 La Linea cartoons. I forgot all about this cartoon, I think they used to show it on Sesame Street when I was a kid.

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Mojizu is for the people who create characters and people who just love them, from experienced artists to casual doodlers. If you draw characters for a living – it’s a place to showcase them and expose your talent to a wide audience around the world. If you draw characters as a hobby, it’s a place to improve your skills and get feedback from a large community of character lovers.

Mojizu - A Contemporary Character Design Community

You can dowload wallpapers, icons and avatars of the characters as well.

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French Art Student Animation

GOBELINS - Galerie - Cinéma d'animation

Some really great animated shorts by art students in France.

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