Thursday, November 30, 2006

Your Daily... for Nov. 30, 2006

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Ripley's Nov. 30


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The Caroleers

Here are the holiday favorites The Caroleers. These guys made the records that everyone seems to remember, but nobody remembers who they were.

Check the cool wax

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Ratzafratz! animation hot off the press...or the computer. Here are three clips of our short to let you see the style and look of the show.

Frederator Studios Blog

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Saturday Night Live rehearsals may be webcast

NBC is mulling broadcasting Friday night rehearsal sessions of "Saturday Night Live" on the Internet.It's just one of the many scenarios the digital future could deliver, "Sometimes it's a lot more interesting than the show," Kliavkoff joked, referring to the closed-circuit footage of "SNL's" Friday dry runs viewed at NBC headquarters. "It's something we watch on the cameras at 30 Rock."

\"Saturday Night Live\" rehearsals may be webcast - News - Yahoo! TV

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Schools Offer Cars for Good Attendance

Public schools commonly reward excellent attendance with movie tickets, gas vouchers and iPods. But some diligent students like Kaytie are now hitting the ultimate teenage jackpot for going to school: They have won cars or trucks.

Newsvine - Schools Offer Cars for Good Attendance

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