Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Your daily... for June 28, 2006

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Apollo Up! - Chariots of Fire

Ripley's Comic for 28 Jun 2006

Another Dean Haspiel comic

The Big To Do

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[Podcast] Digital Strips : Show 78

Wally Man 5 leftovers

here's a look at his 3 zany nephews.

all kinds of stuff: Wally Man 5 leftovers

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Underdog Cheerios Commercial

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Woodstock Exhibition

Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center
Once Schulz christened him Woodstock in 1970, the bird gradually developed a personality. Schulz didn’t think out this new character, with a plan for his development; rather he gradually saw the possibilities this “extra” provided, and once named he provided more and more opportunities, which Schulz exploited.

Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center

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Charles Reid Exhibit at the Stremmel Gallery

Stremmel Gallery
An exhibition of new works by Charles Reid will be on display at Stremmel Gallery beginning September 18. You can view some of them now on the Stremmel Museum website.

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Toyota's trumpet playing robot

Top up your parking meter with a cell call

Starting now, you can pay parking meters from your cellphone, get a text message warning the meter is about to expire and even top up the meter without going outside.

Top up your parking meter with a cell call

right now it's only available in West Hollywood, Seattle and Minneapolis, and in Britain

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NBC to Team With YouTube

The network will create an official NBC Channel on YouTube to show clips from shows like "The Office" that are in its lineup for the season starting in September, NBC said in a statement yesterday. Financial terms were not disclosed.

NBC to Team With YouTube - New York Times

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