Thursday, October 19, 2006

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The Curtains - Calamity

Ripley's Oct 19


Yogi Bear and the Three Stooges Meet the Mad, Mad, Mad, Dr. No-No

It seems there's a problem with Yogi Bear (the park's number one tourist attraction) continually escaping from Jellystone Park, so the Rangers bring in three of their best men from Washington to make sure Yogi stays put.

Way Out Junk: Yogi Bear and the Three Stooges Meet the Mad, Mad, Mad, Dr. No-No

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BlueSky Studios Challenge: Classic Movie Monsters

Join the BSS Blog - Spooky monster drawing Challenge.
They invite you to submit you artwork of classic movie monsters.

BlueSky Studios Challenge: Classic Movie Monsters

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муѕрасе.com is an IDN Domain. (Internationalized domain name) [see below]Current dominant Microsoft browser, Internet Explore 6, doesn't support IDN domains. The new release, however, ie7, will have full support for IDN’s, which means anyone can use муѕрасе.com .*

eBay: IDN Domain Name (item 320039726646 end time Oct-28-06 19:59:37 PDT)

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Info for a lost USB Drive

The script was relatively simple and just provided instructions for how to get the USB drive back to me along with an incentive.

Daily Cup of Tech » Have Your Lost USB Drive Ask For Help

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Flash Player 9 Beta Available for Linux

Flash Player 9 Update includes all of the features from the release versions of Flash Player 9 ( and for supported platforms. In addition to bug fixes and minor enhancements, this release introduces support for full screen mode in the web player and support for Windows Vista. These release notes document known issues related to the beta versions of Flash Player 9 Update.

Adobe Labs - Flash Player 9 Update Beta Release Notes

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Three months after Madonna launched her tracksuit in three colors, bountiful stocks of the girl's materials hang on the massive retailer's racks
Madonna's contribution "is just a tracksuit that we had designed," H&M's U.S. spokesperson said.
H&M doesn't have any plans to work with Madge in the future, and they've been giving away Madgewear for free over at the H&M MySpace page.

Fresh Intelligence : Radar Online

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Visa decides what you can do with your money.

AllofMP3 a consumer favorite among music download sites, but the site —
which claims to operate legally under Russian copyright law — faces
ongoing legal battles with the music industry and harsh criticism from
the United States government.

Tuesday, the credit card company Visa International said that it had suspended card service to the site, citing concerns over copyright issues.

Moscow Music Site Defends Free Downloads - New York Times

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