Monday, July 31, 2006

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Man Man - I'd Rather Go Blind (Etta James cover)


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Ripley's Comic for 31 Jul 2006

The Simpsons Maker -

Create your own Simpsons character.

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SingShot - Online Singing, Karaoke

Lindsay Lohan's Mom Scolds Exec for Letter

Lindsay Lohan's Mom Scolds Exec for Letter

A studio executive was "way out of line" for scolding Lindsay Lohan for her absences from the set of her new movie, the teen actress' mother told "Access Hollywood" in an interview set to air Monday.

Last week, James G. Robinson, CEO of Morgan Creek Productions, chided Lohan in a letter for her behavior on a movie set and doubted her absence was related to heat exhaustion.

"You and your representatives have told us that your various late arrivals and absences from the set have been the result of illness; today we were told it was 'heat exhaustion,'" Robinson wrote. "We are well aware that your ongoing all night heavy partying is the real reason for your so-called 'exhaustion.'"

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$5 Million in Goods Stolen From Hermitage

MOSCOW — Russia's famed Hermitage Museum on Monday reported the theft of more than 220 works, including jewelry and enameled objects, worth around $5 million.In a statement, the St. Petersburg museum said officials noticed the theft during a routine inventory check. It said the curator in charge of most of the collection where the theft occurred died suddenly at his workplace when the investigation began, and that his colleagues discovered the items were missing.

Newsvine - $5 Million in Goods Stolen From Hermitage

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