Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The special valentines google picture mistake

Happy Valentine's Day
Has anyone else noticed that the valentines logo on the google search engine today actually says "Googe"?

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Your Daily... Feb. 14, 2007

Bright Eyes

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Ripley's Feb. 14

ripleys20012218170214.gif (GIF Image, 465x613 pixels)

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Which Way Adventure

A Triangle Morning: Games: Which Way Adventure

A Choose your own adventure flash game!

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The Art of Amanda Haley

Amanda Haleys images | Picturebook

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Free Geek - Learn computers and get one.

Free Geek does most of this work with volunteers (at any given time, about 200 are active). The volunteers disassemble the donated equipment and test the components, which are either recycled as electronic scrap or recycled into refurbished systems. These refurbished computers are then loaded with Open Source Software, such as GNU/Linux, Open Office, and other Free Software.


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Eric Powell stands poised to tackle an icon, and the timing couldn’t be better.The man best known for his creator-owned book The Goon has been pegged to pencil a three-issue Action Comics arc beginning in issue #854 that will focus on the Bizarro World discovered in Action Comics Annual #10.“He’s going to be perfect for this arc, and I’m really looking forward to it,” exclaims Action Comics writer and Powell collaborator Geoff Johns. “He can bring a point of view to Bizarro World that I don’t think a lot of guys could.”“I get to draw a bunch of whacked-out stuff in Bizarro World,” says Powell. “If I was ever meant to draw a Superman story, this is it.”

Wizard Entertainment

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