Thursday, June 29, 2006

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Peter Bjorn And John - Young Folks

Ripley's Comic for 29 Jun 2006

Awesome '80s Music Quiz

Awesome '80s Music Quiz

Think you're a music expert? Test your knowledge with these quizzes:

  • Misheard Lyrics
  • Hometown Heroes
  • One-Hit Wonders
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    Mary Pickford - Behind the scenes

    Still: Behind The Scenes
    Pickford stars as Dolly Lane, a successful stage actress who abandons her career to wed a handsome farmer. She soon discovers that love doesn't curb her desire for the footlights. Director James Kirkwood, who worked with Pickford on nine features, does double duty here as the husband. The original tinted nitrate print, the only extant copy, was acquired by James Card, the former curator of the motion picture collection at George Eastman House, from a private donor in the 70s for $850.

    bfi | NFT | Behind The Scenes

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    Flight 3 preview

    Flight 3 preview

    preview pages of the Flight 3 book due out July 8 are available on their website now.

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    Wolverine spin-off

    It’s been tumbling through Development Hell for a couple of years, but now, on the back of X-Men: The Last Stand’s big box office success, Fox has finally given an official order for a Wolverine spin-off, scheduled to hits screens as early as next year.

    Empire: Movie News

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    Free Download: Stanley Kubrick's First Flick, 'Day of the Fight'

    Day of the Fight

    Stanley Kubrick's first film from 1950 it's about 16 minutes, over at the Mutiny Co. website

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    Trailers - Spider-Man 3

    Apple - Trailers - Spider-Man 3

    In Theaters May 2007

    the trailer for the movie is now playing at the apple website.

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    Forged ID With Brad Pitt's Photo

    The 29-year-old salesman allegedly forged the card with the Hollywood actor's picture and an Arabic name in an attempt to steal more than $22,000 left unclaimed at an exchange house where his brother worked as a teller, according to a report in the daily Gulf News.The man, who told police he did not know who Brad Pitt was, said in court Wednesday that he downloaded the photo from the Internet, the newspaper reported. Police were reportedly alerted by an informant.

    Newsvine - Forged ID: Brad Pitt's Photo, Arabic Name

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