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The Fake Fictions

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Ripley's April 11

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GimmeShelter - Cardboard is for boxes


The concept is simple - transform a piece of cardboard no larger than twelve inches on any side into a piece of art. The cardboard is a fitting medium for the cause since it is currently the primary source of warmth and shelter for our world's homeless. We're looking to change that.

If you're able and willing, we're looking for artists to contribute and for galleries (throughout the US, UK, Canada and Europe) who are willing to donate gallery space for a week. We're trying to find a publisher to print a catalog of the works for sale at the shows and at the end of the "tour" the works will be auctioned via eBay. All proceeds from the shows, the books, and the auction will be distributed to non-denominational charities in each city visited.

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Nexuiz a free 3d deathmatch game

Nexuiz is a 3d deathmatch game project, created online by a team of developers called Alientrap. It is available for download for Windows, Mac, and Linux (all the same archive).The first version was released May 31st 2005, released entirely GPL and free over the net, a first for a project of its kind.


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The $61 Billion Dollar PayPal Error
Dan tried to purchase a product mentioned on The Unofficial Apple Weblog, but it turned out to be a little pricey: The item is priced at $28.95, which TUAW said seemed a bit high. It seemed fair to me. I should have listened. When I went through the purchase process and clicked "buy," my Paypal order screen listed the price as $61,803,552,167.70 USD.

The $61 Billion Dollar PayPal Error - Consumerist

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Perino quotes Daily Show host ‘Don Stewart.’

Perino quotes Daily Show host ‘Don Stewart.’At today’s White House press briefing, spokeswoman Dana Perino said that setting a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq is like sending a “save-the-date card to the Iraqis.” She added, “I stole that from Don Stewart,” referring to the host of the Daily Show, evoking laughter from the press corps. One reporter tried to correct her; another said, “I bet you just guaranteed yourself an appearance there.”

Think Progress » Perino quotes Daily Show host ‘Don Stewart.’

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Scan, copy and fax with your camera phone or digital camera

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Turn your camera phone into a scanner, copier, and fax. * Clean photos of documents, whiteboards and business cards. * Extract any text and contact information * store, search and share online

Scan, copy and fax with your camera phone or digital camera

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