Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Jott Feeds - RSS read to you on your Phone!

I already love Jott! Now I love it more!

Jott Walkthrough
Jott Feeds offers you a new and easy way to get updates from your favorite websites by listening to them on your mobile phone. It is a simple service designed to make accessing the information you want as easy as a phone call.Add any RSS feed to your Jott account, call Jott and have them read to you over your phone. Whether you are in the car, on the train, or walking around town- you can now listen in to your trusted sources of news and other content without needing Internet access.
Jott™ - Feeds

Heck! I even created one for Your Daily...
Listen to this site on my phone with Jott Feeds

Something to tide you over until Dexter and I start posting podcasts again this summer.
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