Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Your Daily... Feb. 13, 2007

Apollo Sunshine


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Ripley's Feb. 13

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A Madman Movie

after a few years of hiatus, Madman is back with a new series in April called Madman Atomic Comics, and Robert Rodriguez (Sin City, El Mariachi) will be producing a major motion picture adaptation of that first story! To get everyone up to speed on the character, Image Comics is releasing the Madman Gargantua, a 852-page, full color hardcover collection of almost every story the character's ever appeared in.

Anarchy Music

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The Art of Brian Smith

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Silver Soccer Ball Cooler

The compact, temperature-controlled device will keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot, and holds up to five 350ml canned drinks under each of its upward-facing pentagons.

TOKYOMANGO: Silver Soccer Ball Cooler

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Latest food-fad -- 'space potatoes'

SHANGHAI, China (AP) -- Having boldly gone where no spud has before, Chinese space potatoes are now the latest culinary fad to hit the country's ultra-trendy commercial hub of Shanghai.Slightly sweet and purple in color, the potatoes, named Purple Orchid Three, are bred from seeds that mutated while being carried aboard a Chinese spacecraft, the Shanghai Daily newspaper reported Monday.Grower Haikou Purple Orchid Co. Ltd. is promoting them as a unique food option, and restaurants in the city are offering them for Valentine's Day dinners, served crispy fried, or in salads, desserts and even iced drinks, the newspaper said.China's space program claims to have produced numerous mutated fruits and vegetables by exposing seeds to space radiation, capsule pressure and weightlessness.

Latest food-fad -- 'space potatoes' - CNN.com

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