Friday, October 13, 2006

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The Purrs - Get on with your life

Ripley's Oct. 13

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Cool Monster Toys





Nefario Monzón

Mazu Kan Laser Martial Arts Game

Mazu Kan Laser Martial Arts Game

Mazu Kan Laser Martial Arts GameHead-to-head, 2-person combat--but with NO actual contact!It's the ultimate test of reflexes, timing, cunning and agility! Strap on the special chest- and hand-gear and get ready for contact-free combat! Throw and block "air" punches as special sensors keep track of "hits" and "blocks." Players start contests with 10 life points each, then try to knock each other down to zero to claim victory. Cool sound-and-feel effects tell you what's going on. 2 combat levels.

Mazu Kan Laser Martial Arts Game - - We Deliver Fun

University joins Google library project

The University of Wisconsin-Madison and Google plan to provide access to hundreds of thousands of public and historical materials from the UW-Madison libraries and the Wisconsin Historical Society Library, they said.Those books and documents represent one of the largest U.S. collections of historical and government documents. They will be selected from a combined 7.2 million library holdings.

University joins Google library project | CNET

Working Steampunk Laptop

As steampunk-ish as this sculpture/project looks, it actually works. There's a working display, working keyboard, and working morse code input (wtf?). The creator was inspired by both the Apple Mac (he wanted to make something completely different) and Terry Gilliam. If you look at the back, there are working USB, serial, and a VGA port for the monitor.

Working Steampunk Laptop - Gizmodo

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