Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Excerpts from 1980's Dynamite Magazine.

D-Y-N-A-M-I-T-E!: "

Published by Scholastic throughout the 70s & 80s (and actually up until '91 or '92), Dynamite was aimed at a slightly older audience in the middle school range. Dynamite was the brainchild of Jenette Kahn, a follow up to her first popular magazine Kids (which was written for kids, by kids and reminds me kind of a forefather of kids media movements like Nick News with Linda Ellerbee and the like), and it probably provided the framework for her eventual appointment as the publisher of DC comics in 1976 (at the astonishing Doogie Howser-esque age of 28.) The magazine was the blueprint for the other Scholastic publications that would follow (including Hot Dog! and Bananas), featuring pop culture spotlights, games, puzzles and activities for kids 8-12."

Again, like Hot Dog!, I was pretty much completely ignorant of its existence growing up which I kind of regret. Today I thought I'd share a portion of a 1984 issue that featured a National Lampoon style article on Mr. T (which imagined what it would be like if Mr. T changed his famous look…)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

SOTA Toys releasing Robot Chicken’s humping robot toy

SOTA Toys releasing Robot Chicken’s humping robot toy: "SOTA (State of the Art) Toys is proud to announce the Humping Robot! This rascal will be arriving in fine retailers later this year."

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rolled up magazine self defense

So many weird things in this video. You choose one.

I just want to know if a giant robot is approaching them in the background?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Open Beer With Your Watch

"Happy Hour™ is built for those who want to have a little fun opening their beverage with a very stylized watch. The patented buckle allows you to pop-open your favorite beverage with nothing more than a flick of the wrist—and without taking off your watch."

Personally I use my wedding ring but this works too.

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