Friday, November 21, 2008

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the goal of this site is to collect One Million Pennies ( 3.2 tons ) and try to spend them on a single purchase in a single day. Now this is where the fun comes in. Once I receive these One Million Pennies, I will get a film crew together and begin the adventure. I will begin by finding an armored truck service to carry the weight of the pennies. This won't be easy, because I will have to pay for it in pennies. Next, I will drive to a business and make a deal to purchase an item at the value of the leftover pennies. When the deal is ready to close and it comes time to pay, I will direct them to the parking lot where the money is. They can then decide if making the sale is worth the expense of trying to cash in and sort all those coins. Most business would be out of their mind to incur that cost.


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Anti Monkey Butt Powder

Anti Monkey Butt Powder is specially formulated to absorb excess sweat and reduce frictional skin irritation. It is Ideal for butt busting activities such as truck driving, motorcycling, bicycling, horse back riding, and extreme sports. May also be applied inside footwear, under sports pads, and other areas prone to chafing. Indoors or outdoors, work or play, or on occasions when you sit on your butt all day, don’t let your buns get red, use Anti Monkey Butt Powder instead!
Anti Monkey Butt Powder
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