Friday, December 08, 2006

Your Daily... for Dec. 8, 2006

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Ripley's Dec. 8

Hokey Pokey Smokey Show Dec. 8, 2006

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Kicking off our x-mas themed old-time radio shows with an episode of Boston Blackie called “Santa and the stolen ring” from 1949

Hokey Pokey Smokey Show Dec. 8, 2006 on Odeo

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FoxTrot to Cease Dailies

Bill Amend’s popular FoxTrot comic strip will go to a Sunday-only publication schedule as of Dec. 31, 2006, announced Universal Press Syndicate today. The last daily will be Saturday, Dec. 30. Reruns of dailies will be available for Web usage.“After spending close to half of my life writing and drawing FoxTrot cartoons, I think it’s time I got out of the house and tried some new things,” said Amend. “I love cartooning and I absolutely want to continue doing the strip, just not at the current

Universal Press Syndicate: News Release

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Federico Fellini’s cartoons

some of Federico Fellini’s cartoons.

Michael Sporn Animation - Splog » More Fellini

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3d Cash Video

3d Cash Video

3d Cash - video powered by Metacafe

Newest Fair Food: Deep-Fried Coca-Cola

DALLAS -- There are fried Twinkies and even fried candy bars.Now, vendor Abel Gonzales Jr. has come up with a new artery-clogging concoction for the State Fair of Texas. It's fried Coke.Gonzales deep-fries Coca-Cola-flavored batter. He then drizzles Coke fountain syrup on it. The fried Coke is topped with whipped cream, cinnamon sugar and a cherry. Gonzales said the fried Coke came about just from thinking aloud.

Newest Fair Food: Deep-Fried Coca-Cola - Food News

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