Monday, March 02, 2009

Open Office Easter Egg: Play Space Invaders in Calc

Finding an Easter egg in movies is usually a cool thing, but finding them in software is even cooler. Today we will look at the hidden game in the Open Office Spreadsheet program Calc.Open up a new Calc Spreadsheet and enter =GAME("StarWars") into any of the cells and hit enter. Make sure and type in the capital letters as shown to get it to work. The easiest would be to copy the text above and paste it into a cell.
Open Office Easter Egg: Play Space Invaders in Calc :: Mysticgeek’s Realm
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JPG Magazine is back!

JPG Magazine: Blog: JPG is back!

"JPG is back!

Hi guys! The moment is finally here. This long, long process is over and JPG is in the good hands of a new owner. Read more about it here!

I'd also like to introduce Seth Familian, our VP of Product Management at JPG for the last year, who will be taking on the role of President & CEO. Seth has led tons of awesome projects for the community, like the new profile pages, the new home page, and countless other things. And he has a number of very exciting plans for improving the JPG experience, which you'll hear about soon. In addition to his understanding of and passion for everything JPG, Seth is a big photo nerd like the rest of us.

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