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Ripley's Comic for 28 Jul 2006

Retro Kid - Flickr Group

anything associated with illustrated children's books from the mid-1940's through the mid-1960's,

Flickr: Retro Kid

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Techno Privacy Scarf

Developed by Joe Malia, this “Techno Privacy Scarf” supposedly protects your privacy when using portable devices in public areas.

TechEBlog » Top 5 Strangest Outdoor Gadgets

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Napster founder commerce enables unprotected MP3s on MySpace

Napster founder Sean Fanning is at it again, this time with his Snocap service which enables artists to sell similarly unprotected MP3s through sites like MySpace.

» Napster founder commerce enables unprotected MP3s on MySpace | Between the Lines |

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MSN Gets Rights to 'Arrested'

News Corp.'s Fox Entertainment Group Inc. said Wednesday that it had sold the syndication rights to its quirky-but-canceled sitcom, "Arrested Development" to Microsoft Corp.'s MSN Internet portal.The three-year deal marks the first time that a major Hollywood production studio has turned to the Internet for a bona-fide buyer of syndicated shows. Until now, studios have sold their reruns of shows such as "Seinfeld" or "Friends" to TV station groups and cable channels, reaping huge profits in the process.

MSN Gets Rights to 'Arrested' - Los Angeles Times

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