Thursday, October 12, 2006

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Pernice Brothers - B.S. Johnson

Ripley's Oct. 12


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Hokey Pokey Smokey Show

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Featuring old time radio shows that are relevant to the season or holidays.

I have decided to start a podcast of radio plays and shows themed to what time of year it is. So obviously the current theme is, Halloween. The first episode is "An Eye For An Eye" starring Vincent Price.

My Odeo Podcast

you can listen to the shows on the Odeo page and subscribe through Odeo if you are a member.

You can also subscribe from the RSS feed. Or listen to the stream on your favorite music player.

Odeo: Hokey Pokey Smokey

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Paper Pumpkin How-to

Why don't you try your hand at creating this fun and scary paper craft symbol of Halloween.

Halloween | YAMAHA MOTOR

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Gross Anatomy


Here are some sites which offer the type of Halloween food which often jumps over cute and goes right to “I can’t eat that”.

ReadyMade Blog » Blog Archive » Gross Anatomy

Vampire Bats Help Battle Strokes

The study, which wraps up in a few months, is utilizing a compound derived from the saliva of vampire bats and testing its effectiveness in reducing the risk of brain damage after the onset of an acute stroke. If approved, the drug will triple the time period for initiating emergency stroke treatment and offer other important advantages over other medications currently in use, including the only Food and Drug Administration-approved stroke drug.

Have some punch

Have some punch (An Oldie But A Goodie) - Google Video

This makes me laugh everytime I see it.

Mich. Woman Tries to Sell Mummy on EBay

PORT HURON, MICH. — Officials are trying to track down the origins of a mummified human skeleton that a Michigan woman tried to sell on eBay.The St. Clair County medical examiner's office confiscated the mummified remains Tuesday from the home of Lynn Sterling.Sterling, 45, told police she got the remains from a friend who works in demolition and said he found them in a Detroit school he helped tear down nearly 30 years ago, police said. She said she had contacted an attorney before posting the remains for sale.

Newsvine - Mich. Woman Tries to Sell Mummy on EBay

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Music for your eyes

Google just announced major partnerships with two of the world's largest music companies -- Sony BMG and Warner Music Group -- to bring thousands of music videos to Google Video via free, ad-supported on-demand streams. And as per our recent announcement with MTV, in the coming months our AdSense partners can put all these great videos on their sites as well.

Official Google Blog: Music for your eyes

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