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Your Daily... for sept. 7, 2006

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The Lisps - Pepper Spray

Ripley's Comic sept. 7, 2006

Jan Svochak (1925-2006)

YouTube - HAWAIIAN PUNCH fruit juice popsicle commercial 1965

(bear in mind this particular version of the commercial was not animated by Jan Svochak. I'm merely using it for reference, as it is the only one I could find on the Internet.)

Put that in your mousetrap mice don't like cheese

Instead, the tiny rodents prefer foods with a high sugar content like grains and fruit and would turn their noses up at something as strong in smell and rich in taste as cheese, scientists in Manchester in northwest England said.

Put that in your mousetrap mice don't like cheese

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Paris: 'All I Wanted Was an In-N-Out Burger!'

A Socialite's Life Image Viewer
Paris told Ryan she had an excruciatingly long day on Wednesday filming the video for her new single "Nothing in This World." She told Ryan she wrapped shooting for the day, went to dinner with sister Nicky and girlfriends (guess she didn't eat at dinner), attended a charity event hosted by Dave Navarro and had one margarita. She says she left to drive home -- which, she says, was only a few blocks away-- and may have been going a little fast because she was "starving" and just wanted an In-N-Out Burger!

Paris: 'All I Wanted Was an In-N-Out Burger!' -

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Bartender Gets Cash From $10,000 Tip

Cindy Kienow received a check Tuesday from Applebee's franchise owner JS Stevens for about $6,300, her share of the tip after taxes.The customer gave Kienow the hefty tip Aug. 27 on a $26 meal. But since he paid by credit card, the restaurant wanted to make sure it was a valid charge before giving Kienow the money.

Newsvine - Bartender Gets Cash From $10,000 Tip

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