Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Your Daily... for Oct. 18, 2006

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The Apples in Stereo - Rainfall

Ripley's Oct 18



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Detective Comics 4

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The Google Book 1913

Now in this book you will find pictures of Google birds; some, though ugly, are very nice; others, though pretty, are very nasty. So, perhaps, really the pretty ones are ugly and the ugly ones pretty!

The Google Book

The art of Jake Parker

Agent44: The Artwork of Jake Parker

jack 1

Spot DJ



SpotDJ enables people to record and share audio commentary about
music through media players such as iTunes, bringing context and
community to your music experience.

If you enjoy learning
more about song meanings, artist background, upcoming concerts, or even
the latest and hottest gossip about your favorite artist, you'll love
SpotDJ. If you enjoy talking about music, radio DJing, or music-making,
you'll love SpotDJ even more!

Touchscreen iPod Comes This December

The product was not designed for the current generation of device, but the official 6G iPod (fanboy art above - the current generation is referred to as 5.5) which is to be released in December. His company’s device only comes onto the market shortly before then and would benefit hugely because the new iPod would sport a screen that filled the full side of the device and consequently offer higher resolution video.

TrustedReviews - Touchscreen iPod Comes This December

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