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The Bicycles - Cuddly Toy

Ripley's Comic for 24 Jul 2006

Rufus Animated Cartoon Episodes



Pace/MacGill Gallery and the School of Visual Arts’ graduate
photography department are pleased to present an interactive
exhibition of self-portraits drawn from, the online
digital photo-sharing network. Flickr’s user base consists of
over one million members who share images and image-related
information. Two leading forces in the New York art world—-a
major photography gallery and a top art school—-have joined
together to observe this online conversation of image making. The
mining and showcasing of this material strives to engage and
expand a rapidly growing virtual arts community. The exhibition
will be accessible to both viewers and contributors alike via the
Pace/MacGill website Pace/MacGill’s gallery
space will house ten computers on which visitors can peruse the
pictures gathered from numerous global photographers as they would
online. A few monitors will display slideshows of images
specifically collected via the gallery website.

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Teen Uses Discovery Channel Tip To Escape Alligator Attack

"For some reason, I remembered a couple of months ago I was watching the television show and they were saying in certain situations whenever you are in, you have to put your thumb in its eye since it is the most sensitive part on the alligator," Workman told Local 6 News Monday. "It was the first thing I did."Workman poked the alligator in the eye with his thumb as he was told to do on the television show.His mom said the lesson of poking at the alligator's eye saved her son's life, Garcia said. - Local News - Teen Uses Discovery Channel Tip To Escape Alligator Attack

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Survivor' Richard Hatch sent to prison

PROVIDENCE, R.I. -Richard Hatch has been sent to a federal prison in Oklahoma as he serves a 51-month sentence for failing to pay taxes on the $1 million he won on the debut season of "Survivor."

`Survivor' Richard Hatch sent to prison - Yahoo! News

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