Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Your Daily... for Nov. 8, 2006

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Mika - Grace Kelly

Ripley's Nov. 8, 2006

The Art of Alina Chau

Alina Chau

Ice-Cream Monster Toon Cafe

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Home made light show for under $40

a kickass Holiday lightshow music extravaganza

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Turkish Man: I'm Borat!

Mahir Cagri sees enough of himself in the character that he is accusing Baron Cohen of drawing his inspiration for Borat directly from his personal Website. Now, the Turkish man is demanding an apology and seeking to cash in on a hefty cut of the earnings from the comedian's "great success" of a movie.Cagri exploded onto the Internet scene back in 1999 with his unintentionally hilarious Website, (now defunct).

News Article

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Did Britney break-up with Kevin by text message?

YouTube - Exclusive Kevin Federline Interview

This video was shot the night before the announcement. Check out the last minute of the video.

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