Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Man upset girlfriend doesn’t look like J-Lo, takes it out on hairdresser.

The assault trial stems from a bizarre series of events in 2006.

Lacey's then-girlfriend Aleena Shadbina allegedly paid $1600 to Broadbeach hairdresser Phillipe Hadchiti for hair extensions, and later returned wanting a hair dye to look more like Hollywood star J-Lo. Mr Hadchiti said he would not dye the hair but another salon did.

Lacey later returned to Mr Hadchiti's salon after his girlfriend complained about the results of her J-Lo-inspired do.

An argument broke out and Lacey allegedly punched Mr Hadchiti after demanding a refund and trying to take money out of the till.
Salon feud leads to Jade Lacey charge | The Australian
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