Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Your Daily... for July 5, 2006

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HYSTERICS - Do it again


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Ripley's Comic for 05 Jul 2006


YouTube - Lookwell

Lookwell was a pilot written and produced by Robert Smigel and Conan O’Brien, and starring Adam West.

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Wonder Woman turns 65

Since making her first appearance in "All Star Comics #8" (now valued at $43,000) in December 1941, Wonder Woman has been published almost continuously, which explains her grip on the public's consciousness.

Philadelphia Daily News | 07/05/2006 | Wonder Woman turns 65

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Stuff On My Cat

Stuff On My Cat

A website filled with pictures of stuff put on a cat.

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The Art of jan felix kallwejt

Ukulele version of Smells Like Teen Spirit

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Google says bill could spark anti-trust complaints

Google warned on Tuesday it will not hesitate to file anti-trust complaints in the United States if high-speed Internet providers abuse the market power they could receive from U.S. legislators.

Google says bill could spark anti-trust complaints - Yahoo! News

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Hot Ice Cream

Cold Sweat, a flavor sold at ice cream shop Sunni Sky's, is made with three kinds of pepper and two kinds of hot sauce."It tastes like fire — with a side of fire," said Scott McCallum, a regular customer, who was eating the more sedate butter pecan flavor.

Newsvine - Hot Ice Cream Comes With a Warning

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Smiley Face Is Serious to Company

Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer, says the yellow face has long personified its price-reducing policy, while SmileyWorld, the London-based company that first registered rights to the symbol decades ago, says its globally established business stands at risk.

Smiley Face Is Serious to Company - New York Times

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