Monday, February 05, 2007

Your Daily... for Feb. 5, 2007

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David Vandervelde

Ripley's Feb. 5

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Photography Project - A Burning Light Bulb

here is The Full Guide for Photographing a Burning Light Bulb - have fun!photography project - burning bulb 08

Photography Project - A Burning Light Bulb |

Ben Folds Piracy label fun

ben folds and piracy


Ben Folds has some fun with the FBI Anti-Piracy label. Click the photo to get a closer look.

The Flash, Cheaper by the Dozen?

Yep, according to The Hollywood Reporter, one of Hollywood’s most vanilla filmmakers (what a piece of crap that “Night at the Museum” was!) is set to replace one of Hollywood’s finest (what a masterpiece that “Batman Begins” was!). It makes less sense than Kevin Smith doing a “Clerks” sequel.Goyer left the project – a project he’d been championing for years, even coaxing good friend Ryan Reynolds into starring in the eventual pic – because of creative differences with the WB. They just didn’t go for his script, apparently. Which begs the question… What the hell kind of script are they working from now? I mean, the director of “Cheaper by the Dozen” definitely won’t be wanting to challenge himself much, will he?? Heh? - The Flash, Cheaper by the Dozen?

Burger King Games Drop To 99 Cents

If your weren't one of the 3.2 million people that purchased the terrifying Burger King games over the last 6 months or so, your dreams of forcing people to eat virtual disgusting fast food can now come true for a mere 99 cents. The Hushed Casket is reporting that Burger King has dropped the price of their bizarrely popular games from four bucks a piece to less then a dollar,

Burger King Games Drop To 99 Cents - Kotaku

Flash Memory - Enhance your Vista system

ReadyBoost, which is used in conjunction with SuperFetch. While adding system memory is the best way to increase performance, Windows ReadyBoost allows you to utilize memory outside of system memory module upgrades. This feature is ideal for use in systems with limited memory expansion capabilities. For instance, if your notebook has a maximum memory capacity of 1 GB installed, Windows ReadyBoost allows for usage of a Flash memory device, such as a Kingston® DataTraveler® ReadyFlash as a more responsive storage medium for ReadyBoost cache.When a Flash memory device is connected to a Vista-based system, the AutoPlay dialog box will offer the option of using the device for ReadyBoost. However, the Flash memory device must meet both a performance and a capacity threshold in order for Vista to offer the option of using it for ReadyBoost.

Kingston Technology Company - Flash Memory - Enhance your Vista system with Kingston.

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