Monday, February 05, 2007

Flash Memory - Enhance your Vista system

ReadyBoost, which is used in conjunction with SuperFetch. While adding system memory is the best way to increase performance, Windows ReadyBoost allows you to utilize memory outside of system memory module upgrades. This feature is ideal for use in systems with limited memory expansion capabilities. For instance, if your notebook has a maximum memory capacity of 1 GB installed, Windows ReadyBoost allows for usage of a Flash memory device, such as a Kingston® DataTraveler® ReadyFlash as a more responsive storage medium for ReadyBoost cache.When a Flash memory device is connected to a Vista-based system, the AutoPlay dialog box will offer the option of using the device for ReadyBoost. However, the Flash memory device must meet both a performance and a capacity threshold in order for Vista to offer the option of using it for ReadyBoost.

Kingston Technology Company - Flash Memory - Enhance your Vista system with Kingston.

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